Concept art from Thor (2011)
Concept art from Thor (2011)

Rules for Throwback Thorsday Posts

For almost two years, I had a long list of rules here about what a Throwback Thorsday post should look like. I’ve mostly stopped thinking of them as “throwback” posts, though, and there have been several posts where I don’t mention Thor at all. So… huh?

Here’s what I’m attempting to accomplish: every single Thorsday, I will post something related to Thor, Norse mythology, the ancient pre-Christian Germanic faith, or whatever. It might involve intensive analysis, it might just be a pretty picture and a caption, it could be a poem or a comic book page or something that I associate with Thor or any of the above-referenced things.

Whatever it is, I’ll try to make it worth your time, whether it takes 10 seconds or 10 minutes. I’ve put literally thousands of hours into learning about Thor and every bit of Western (and non-Western) culture that’s associated with him. I’ve read dozens of books, hundreds of comics, hundreds of poems, looked through thousands of photos, listened to hundreds of songs, and I keep doing that, every day. This space can evolve – you’ll probably find that it has, from picture-focused to story-focused to poetry-focused to who knows what else. But whatever the focus of the posts, my love for Thor will always be the motivation.

I’m just hoping to share some of that enthusiasm with you.

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