Oscar Montelius, Om lifvet i Sverige under hednatiden (Stockholm 1905). Vendel era bronze plate. Place of discovery: Öland, Sweden. Depicted are a berserker on the right and Oden on the left.

7 comments on “The Radically Different Warrior Archetypes of Thor and Odin

  1. Odin and Shukra are very similar. Thor and Indra (Sakra/Purandar) are very similar. Bali (Mahabali) and Baldur are similar. Actually Shukra is a rival of Indra and Devas. Shukra led Asura and Brihaspati (Jupiter) lead Devas. Bali is believed to become the Indra of next Manavantara.

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    • Even though Purandar is the current Indra or king of demigods or Devas, Indians hate him lol. He is notorious for his tricks and backhand tactics and over inflated ego and selfish nature. Ironically he is probably Loki. I have read about Vali, the unfortunate son of Loki. Indra had a son named Vali who was cured to become a Vanara and was killed by Rama from behind in an unfortunate incident. Indra is a title and the title of Indra changes every Manavantara. Anyone who holds the post of Indra is Thor. Decode Hindu Mythology Blog by Vineet Aggarwal is a neat read on some of this mythology.

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